Who We Are

We’re a registered non-profit volunteers-based organization
that reaches out to all newcomers to Canada to assist them in settling and integrating, and provide up-to-date reliable information.

Our Mission

To assist EVERYONE who reaches out to us, by providing information and services that facilitate their settlement process. By sustaining a cooperative relationship with community and business partners and by optimizing our professional volunteer resources, we succeed in benefiting newcomers.

Our Vision

To aid newcomers in settling successfully and smoothly in their new homeland and support them to integrate into the Canadian culture of diversity, tolerance and inclusion and become productive, self-sufficient, active individuals serving the community and living in a healthy and safe environment.

Our Values


Serve every client with honesty, keeping their best interest in mind.


Strive to provide professional development to our team through participation in workshops, conferences and accessible, reliable resources.


Cultivate a long term relationship with newcomers and positively influence them to, in turn, serve the community.


Keep a diverse team of volunteers who work together to complement each other’s skills.


Always go the extra-mile to help everyone.

Equality & Inclusion

Fair allocation of resources and equal access to opportunities available to each member we serve .

Mental Health

Promote Mental Health awareness amongst our volunteers to equip them with the necessary knowledge to identify struggling individuals and in turn provide educated support and referrals.

Our Volunteer Group Consists of Over 25 Volunteers of Varying Professional Backgrounds

  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • IT
  • PMPs
  • CPAs
  • Teachers
  • Councillors
  • TESL
  • Small Business Owners
  • Office Administrators
  • Real Estate Professionals

Our Clients

  • We receive and help over 250 families every year, including government and privately sponsored refugees
  • We welcome any individual reaching out to us
  • Our clients are of all age groups, a wide range of ethnicities and a variety of professions
  • Majority of the clients we serve arrive from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt
  • With a deep understanding of both the Middle Eastern and Canadian cultures, the team has been able to successfully assist new Canadians in their settlement process


We can build a stronger, safer

and more prosperous


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